Monday, July 10, 2006

Introversion Part One

Though this article, "Caring For Your Introvert," came out a couple of years ago, I recently reread it and felt compelled to share it again. It fits me to a T. And it reminds me that there's nothing wrong with my quiet personality - grumpiness and all.

People exhaust me and that's the way it's always been. Unless it's a group of friends I'm intimately acquainted with, groups of 4 or more are daunting. I blend into the wallpaper at parties. I seek out the loners and solicit their stories. Laying low and not being yelled at are two of my prime goals in life. "Shy," "quiet," and "late bloomer" are frequent terms associated with me.

This is a more recent article on "Introverts In An Extrovert's World." that also includes biological reasoning.

"Extroverts gain energy by being out and about. Being with people takes energy from introverts, and they need to get away to restore that energy."

"They (Introverts) don't move their bodies as much, they keep their faces straight, they don't show as much emotion, in general. Out in public, they tend to be more contained in appearance, and their energy feels that way, too."

"They (Introverts) frequently are gifted in math, science, music or art and enjoy working alone. They're late bloomers, often marrying late in life, and while they have fewer close relationships, they're strong ones."

Thank God, I'm not as big a freak as I thought I was.

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Loofa said...

I followed a link here from an article and wanted to post a comment. There are a couple of books I would recommend to you. This first is something that I bought for someone else to get to know me better, but there are some interesting things in it, too. It's called The Introvert Advantage. The second is a book about loners, but there are some amusing parts in it that I think all introverts can relate to. It's called Party of One. I especially liked the preface, which is a long manifesto, so if you can find it at the library, you might just read that.